Friday, December 28, 2012

Two movies seen the past couple days

Screw work.  Seriously.  Im sure many of you had to work XMas eve and the day after XMas just like I did.  I think it sucks.  Big time.

So, in my attempt to rage against the machine, I rented two movies and watched them on my ipad at work.  Boss is out this week, so there was not a lot of fear of getting caught.

The first is "The Bourne Legacy"
This one was pretty good.  If you have seen the other Bourne flix, this one is basically the same thing.  Good action movie though, and definitely worth a rental.  Jeremy Renner has turned into my newest man crush, and he is great as 'Aaron Cross' - the 'other' Bourne.  The movie completes with plenty of loose ends for more sequels.  7 out of 10 Raptors Claws.

The next is "The Devil's Double".
This one was spectacular.  Its based on the supposedly true story of Latif Yahia who was 'hired' (read: forced) into being Uday Hussein's body double.  Ive been wanting to see this one ever since I heard about it.

The exploits of Uday began to become clear as the 2nd war in the Persian Gulf was wrapping up in the mid 2000s.  He was a serial rapist and murderer, taking women from their wedding day, snatching young girls (14 or 15) up from school as they were walking home, using them and then murdering them.  He was also a violent psychopath in charge of Iraq's Olympic Committee, and when sports figures did not perform well (or even if they DID perform well) they were beaten, tortured, and killed.  He appeared to kill on a whim.  Obviously, being Saddam Hussein's son, he was wealthy beyond all imagination while his country crumbled around him.

For a long time, it was widely speculated that Uday was being groomed to be the successor to Saddam, until even his own father and brother began to realize that he was a psychopath, and slowly pushed him to the side.  Eventually, the United States, after receiving numerous tips on their location, cornered Uday and Qusay (his brother) in a compound and killed the pair.

Anyway, as mentioned above, the movie itself is about Yahia who is forced into being Uday's double.  Anything ranging from rallying troops to making public speeches to having sex with Uday's numerous women (some forced, some caught up in being Uday's current toy) was fair game.  Latif is a good and moral man, but due to threats against his entire family, is caught up in the life of a sadistic criminal.

Very uplifiting!!!

The truly awesome part of this movie is Dominic Cooper (many productions such as Captain America and Band of Brothers) who plays both the psychopath Hussein and the moral man Yahia.  Many scenes are about Yahia learning the mannerisms of Hussein, his facial expressions, his maniacal laugh, and his fits of rage, and you totally forget that there is only one actor on screen.  I will be on the look out for more Dominic Cooper movies from here on out.

9 out of 10 Raptors Claws!

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  1. Liked Bourne but hadn't seen the Devils Double but maybe now I give it a look!